My installation “Emergence” was inspired by the opening of the gallery space, GOCA 121 in downtown Colorado Springs and the title of their inaugural exhibition, “Point A.” I also found inspiration from the development of Western Theater out of the cult Dionysus. Scholars point to the emergence of democratic systems as a single voice emerged from the chorus to create response, and eventually dialogue.

Students from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs participated in a performance element of the installation on opening night. They “emerged” from the opening night crowd, took their positions in the installation and recited verses from Sophocles’ “Bacchae.”

Loose lips
And lawless stupidity
Will come to a bad end;
Whereas a peaceful
Life and common sense
Are solid foundations to
Keep a house in order:
For even though they dwell
Far off in the firmament,
Heaven’s children keep a watchful eye on human beings.
Cleverness is not wisdom
And thinking thoughts not fit for mortals
Shortens life. With such a brief span
Who would peruse greatness and
Miss what lies at hand? Yet such
Are the habits of mortals, who
Are, as I see it, mad and